back on twitter

And by SHE I mean ME in my many Twitter guises. You may recall that I woke up one morning in late April to find that seven of my Twitter accounts had been suspended overnight, citing a breach in Twitter rules, specifically for “manipulation and spam”, and one of the seven was further charged with attempting to evade a permanent suspension by starting a new account. I did a little detective work and I think I found the “guilty” account, long derelict, that had probably been hacked and was – I suppose! – being used for posting weird shit. No idea since I hadn’t even looked at it in years (and then was not allowed access to it). I then supposed that the other accounts were found guilty by association. But I mean… this really fucked me over. Especially for the accounts directly linked to my work. So I started using yet another account of mine, started a few years ago so they couldn’t accuse me of trying to evade suspension, and have been posting stuff there as “Sevilla Tapas”. But even with friends helping with RTs I only ended up with about 340 followers (compared with close to 8000 on the ST account) and I kept wondering how I was going to reconnect with everyone again. I couldn’t even find all the people I’d been following.

Then today I clicked on something that brought me to the We Love Tapas twitter account and – OMG it was working again! So I signed in and then checked the other accounts and, same deal, they were all up and running. I mean, without any notice from Twitter that they had been reinstated, and without any proper reason given for having shut them down in the first place. Do I care? Fuck no! I just hope they stay reinstated. I’ve already arranged 2 Factor Authorisation on the accounts (something I have for Instagram, but hadn’t done for Twitter) and changed the passwords AGAIN and am now just really enjoying having my babies back. Twitter remains my favourite social media platform, with Instagram a runner up. But I talk more with people on Twitter, and have met some amazing people there, many of whom are my friends now.

Meanwhile, it seems I lost over a hundred followers on the Sevilla Tapas Twitter account while I was away. Weird. I wonder if they were bots that got eliminated during whatever the fuck was going on these past six weeks. But yeah, don’t really care. I’m just so happy to be reconnected with everyone there again. Go and say hello!Β  πŸ™‚