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There’s been some talk about Spain removing the mask mandate soon, but only when outside and while maintaining a social distance of 2 metres. We’ll still have to wear masks indoors. And all I have to say to that is – HA YEAH RIGHT. Well okay, that’s obviously not all I have to say, so here goes.

I’m the first person who would love to not wear these fucking masks any more, I find it very hard to breathe with them on and can sometimes get panicky to the point of having a tachycardia episode… but these fucking masks have helped keep us safe over this past year and a bit. There’s no doubt they work and, although I am leaning towards believing the science about the virus being less contagious outdoors, I am not about to suddenly start believing in humans.

If you have every walked down almost any street in Sevilla NOBODY is ever 2 metres away from you. Ever. Most of the time they are brushing shoulders as they pass you, and even now half the time with the fucking mask pulled under their fucking noses. Maybe they mean when you are out in a park? Or some other wide open space? But even when I do the river walks cyclists and runners are always gasping and panting past WAY TOO CLOSE and with their masks pulled down. So already it’s not working as well as it should be.

My concern is that if you give people a choice then we are fucked. I mean, okay if you’re out hiking in the mountains or walking in the countryside… I can understand that a mask wouldn’t be required. But if you live in Sevilla and leave your house chances are you are going somewhere. You’re not just going to be “outdoors”. You are probably going shopping, or to get your hair cut, visit friends, run errands, etc. Though more likely than not you’re going to a bar or restaurant. So you are going to have to put on the fucking mask at some point anyhow, right? Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is ever going outdoors here to just spend time out in the streets whilst maintaining a 2 metre distance.

Where I live I would have to hug the buildings while passing someone in my street, while that person did the same, for us to be 2 metres apart. Having to wear the fucking mask all the time keeps us aware. Because this is not over. It’s that whole giving an inch thing… we’ve already seen in other countries what happens when we leave people to use their better judgement. So I am “happy” to keep wearing these mofos for some time to come. I just got a new delivery of these Made In Spain white ones (hated having to wear the blue ones from the pharmacy, so not my colour) and so I’m set for the next six months, and probably more since I don’t go out every day. I think we’re going to learn a lot more about this virus and the various mutations over the next few months while the world goes crazy trying to “get back to normal”. Seeing people here wearing the fucking masks makes me feel not only safer but it also gives me a sense of hope that we still care for each other, even if it’s hard to breathe sometimes.