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hair loss

I sure hope this works because IT WAS FUCKING EXPENSIVE. Finally got to see the dermatologist this week (three month wait for the appointment) and he prescribed a six month treatment using a potion of minoxidil (3%) + finasteride (1%) mixed into this base lotion, Finastopic. And so what the heck. Actually, I went straight to the pharmacy after my appointment and was told it would take a day or two to fill the prescription as it has to be specially mixed, and they asked me to put down a deposit for it. If I hadn’t done that I may have thought twice about using it after going home and googling minoxidil and finasteride (yikes). On the other hand, I’ll find out soon enough if I have any icky side effects. And if it helps then it will have been worth every penny and all the faff.  First application was last night… wish me luck!

UPDATE below…

So my friend Beth told me on Facebook that minoxidil is TOXIC to cats. Fuck. I was very upset because I had even asked the dermatologist (starting with “this may sound like a silly question…”) if there was any danger to my cats, especially as they tend to sleep with me, with Loki always on the pillow next to mine. And he said there was no danger. Liar. Thanks to Beth and a quick google later I saw warnings all over the place about cats dying from coming into contact with even one drop of the stuff. So I decided to stop using it because I’d rather be bald than kill my cats. But then I thought…

What if I put it on in the mornings? Apparently it should be left on 4 – 8 hours (8 for best results) before washing out, which means I could put it on when I get up and then shower and wash my hair in the late afternoon or evening. And go to bed with clean (safe) hair. I wasn’t sure whether to start today with the morning applications (the previous one was at 11 pm last night) but I think I’ll just wait and start over again tomorrow, since I’ve only done two so far. Problem solved? Hope so.