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I’m sure this happens to you too. As soon as you come to rely on something never changing… BLAM… it changes. After years of trial and error I finally found this light spray deodorant (L) with no nasties and with a soft fresh scent that didn’t fight with my perfume and body lotion (body lotion! that’s another one) and so I have remained loyal. For years! Then I saw they had changed the packaging (R) so there was no longer a plastic cap on top, instead you just swivelled the top until the nozzle appeared. Fine, less plastic, whatever. Except that wasn’t all they changed. THEY CHANGED THE WAY IT SMELLED. And it smelled… awful.

Well, awful to me. There was a sharp acrid note to it, like cheap perfume gone off, and I don’t know how to say how disappointed I was. I mean, again?? It’s happened to me with perfumes, body lotions, laundry soap, hair products… you get all nice and cosy with something and then it’s gone. And for me smells are a really big deal. Actually a huge deal. So today I was in a shop and saw they still had some of the old green-cap stock of my deodorant and bought the last four they had. I know it’s just a stopgap, but at least for now I don’t have to spritz acrid shit on my pits. How’s your day going?