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mepal containers

So remember when I upgraded my coffee AND my coffee container? Of course you do 😉.  Anyhoodle, now that it is baking season once again I’ve been going through my cupboards and getting things organised. Turns out I have several types of flour still in their paper packaging from last winter and of course I should be storing them better. Not only to prevent weevils, but also to help keep them fresh. I liked the design of my new coffee container so much that I went back to the shop to see if they had larger ones suitable for flour and yep they did, so now I’m in business.

Pre-lockdown I did very little baking so one bag of all-purpose flour pretty much did what it said on the package. But now I have AP flour, whole wheat, self-raising, garbanzo, corn flour… next up I’ll be looking at new containers for rice and pasta. I think I’m going to stick with these ones. Rectangular makes so much sense (round ones waste so much space), plus they are stackable. I’m in love!