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emergency jamón

CT scan today, following up on the one from the end of June, which was “inconclusive”, just like all the previous ones have been. So I will find out in 10 days or so… something? Anyhow, it was a long day because I couldn’t sleep and then couldn’t eat or drink all day (the appointment was at 3.30 pm) but I was pretty much a nervous wreck and didn’t want to eat anyhow. After it was over I took a taxi back home, which wasn’t usual for me because I usually taxi to the hospital and walk back, as I like to get my steps in. But somehow the day was feeling too hard to get through. On the way home I passed my “local bar” Bodega La Hermandad and decided to stop in for a cold beer (the nurse did say I should drink lots after the test!) and ended up also having some Emergency Jamón. And as I sat there just trying to feel normal again, suddenly I did. I felt at home and comfortable, and the food was very welcome after 18 hours of fasting. Then home for a hot shower to wash the hospital off of me. Hoping for an “all clear” this time or, at the very least, another “inconclusive” result. Fingers crossed.