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weekly update

So almost a month to the day of my first ever antigen test, they have become a weekly thing. And so far so good! Some say they should be done more frequently, but as I hardly go anywhere I think that for now once a week is fine. The good news is that the government has set the maximum price for the tests at just under 3€, so that’s more reasonable. Less than half of what I was paying last month.

What is disturbing is that so many people I know have contracted Covid in the past few weeks, both here in Spain and abroad. This omicron variant seems to be getting to almost everyone. And while I had stopped my tours in December and January, I was hoping to get back to work in February. Now I’m not so sure. I mean, I am still working every day, out and about and then updating my websites and social media accounts, but none of this brings in any income. A gentle reminder that if you’d like to help support my non-profit (info-packed!) websites you can become a Patreon. Or you can just keep showing up here and there, because that is also very much appreciated. xx