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san eloy

Patio San Eloy started back in 1972 with their first bar (in my street!), and now they have several spots around town. Good basic food, always fresh, and ice cold beer. But their original bar is the one I like best with its tiled “bleachers” that run along the back walls. To commemorate their 50th anniversary a large canvas replica of a special poster made up for the celebration is hanging above another iconic spot, the Cafetería La Campana, depicting celebrities who have some sort of connection to the bar (some of which escape me). I have been invited to drop in and ask for a candle to put on my tapa. Hey, why not?

san eloy (2)

Celebrating on the bleachers with the Duchess of Alba, Rita Hayworth, El Pali, Silvio and Howard Jackson with Velázquez, Becquer, Curro Romero, Antonio Puerta, Miki Roqué, and even Curro (the Expo 92 mascot) 🌈