holy trinity

You really can’t go to Córdoba and not order their tapas holy trinity of salmorejo, berenjenas fritas and flamenquín. These come prepared in different ways throughout the city but I don’t think I’ve ever had them better than at Bodega San Basilio. Which was also my BIG DISCOVERY during my Córdoba getaway last week. Tucked away in a quiet barrio just past the Alcázar this may well be my new favourite traditional tapas bar in the city (although it’s far from new itself). I fell in love with this family-run tiny blue and white tiled bar as soon as I walked in, and the fabulous food and friendly service clinched the deal. I also loved that they don’t douse their fried aubergines in that awful cane molasses, which is the way they are often served these days. In fact, when I asked if they could put the miel de caña on the side the barman said… you want that stuff?? Hahaha. So I said NO and instead I enjoyed dipping them in my salmorejo, as the cordobés tapas gods intended. The family has a second place around the corner – Mesón San Basilio – which has a beautiful central patio as a dining room. If I lived in Córdoba I would be here all the time.