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Probably my favourite seasonal vegetable (after asparagus) are tomatoes, and possibly my favourite tomato is the ‘bombón colorao’ from Los Palacios, a town about an hour from Sevilla. But when I saw these beauties at the market I decided to get a few, which were eaten over the next couple of days in a greek(ish) salad and my weekly BLT. However, I’d forgotten to take note of the type of tomato I’d bought and so later on, with the help of my friend Janet @mykitcheninspain, we deduced that it was a variety of RAF tomato. Some wiki info…

The name Raf derives from the fact that it is resistant to a fungus called Fusarium oxysporum lycopersici (in Spanish, “resistente al Fusarium”). This was one of the causes of its popularization in greenhouse cultivation. Raf is the product of a selection of traditional tomatoes so it is not a hybrid tomato.

If you’d like to learn more about Spanish tomatoes have a look at Janet’s excellent blog post where she takes us through a tomato tasting…

Searching For The Best Tomato

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