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doctors note

Since Covid almost all of my medical appointments have been done online or by phone, with the exception of physical tests of course. It’s easier in some ways, frustrating in others. For example today was not just frustrating but maddening. By chance I had a pre-arranged appointment with my GP this morning and so, rather than cancel it, Peter went and took along a doctor’s note. The note stated that I had just tested positive for Covid (it also included a photo of the test) and that I wanted to get a prescription for Paxlovid. I also asked about the upcoming jabs and when I should book them. So when he called me and said “what is it you want?” I already knew this guy was an asshole.

I asked if he’d read the note, then asked him to read it, and then asked about the prescription. He said I didn’t need Paxlovid, muttering something about not doing prescriptions for that, and said he’d write one for Paracetamol mixed with something else. Clearly he had not read my history and knew absolutely nothing about me. Then he said that I should just rest at home and not worry because it was JUST LIKE A BAD COLD. I mean, seriously WTF? An actual doctor is going around telling patients Covid is just like a cold??? We are doomed.

Meanwhile resting doesn’t really seem to be an option as I can barely stay out of bed. Yesterday I went to lie down at 3 pm and didn’t get up again until 11 this morning. Now I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t press the stupid doctor harder and make him look up my history, etc, but I felt so deflated by his tone and assholyness, and I was still so tired, that I just gave up. Anyhow, back to bed.