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sherry time (1)

Sherry time? Beer O’clock? How about tapas at any hour? It seems that some people are under the impression that I am either eating or drinking (or both) at the actual time I post food and wine photos on my various social media accounts. I mean, really? Sherry at 9 in the morning? Tapas at 11? You know, when bars haven’t even opened yet. Or else assuming that I am actually eating or drinking everything I post, which has led to more than a few fat-shaming comments (from assholes, obviously).

Truth is that I take a LOT of photos when I am out and about. This might be when I’m out for a cold beer, out for tapas with friends, on a tapas tour with clients, at an event, and sometimes even grabbing some shots of good looking stuff coming out of a restaurant kitchen when I’ve stopped somewhere for a quick sherry. I do this because people seem to like all the food pics I post on my Sevilla Tapas Twitter and Instagram, not to mention all the updates on the Sevilla Tapas website.

Later I spend quite a bit of time editing the photos and texts and putting them into drafts so I can easily post them when I want to. The only posts that go up in real time are my Beer O’clock ones, because they just take a minute. To be honest, it would be rude of me to spend all my time eating out with friends uploading pics and comments onto Instagram. It’s bad enough nobody can eat until I take photos of the food (the camera eats first!).

This week ought to confuse a few people since I am still putting up at least one photo a day, much like I did during lockdown. I bet more than a few are going to wonder how I’m out there having tapas when I’m supposed to be at home with Covid. At last count there are more than 40,000 photos in my iPhone, most of them food and wine related. So hey… the illusion is easy.