check list

After my last frustrating encounter with a GP when I had Covid, I wasn’t looking forward to today’s in-person appointment. At least this time it was with a doctor I’d seen before, and who is actually supposed to be my regular GP now that Dr Agustín has retired, but I guess with staff shortages, etc, sometimes you just get stuck with whoever is on duty. AND SO… I showed up with my check list of, well, things I wanted to have checked, now that my oncologist doesn’t want to see me again. And so I sat down, pulled out my list and said to Dr Silvia (it’s actually nice to have a woman doctor again) that I was there for my “revisión de coche” and when she laughed I immediately relaxed. Then she said – okay, let’s go, what’s first? – and we went through my list point by point, while she checked recent test results on the computer and made notes. In the end I got all the tests I asked for other than the Covid antibody one since public health centres are not offering them, so I will have to pay for that at a private clinic. But I will get a specific test done for my thyroid, which probably should have been done years ago, plus a couple of others, and I will also be put on a “prevention list” for regular mammograms.

So on Thursday (waaaaayyy too early in the morning) I’m going for more blood tests and an ECG, and will check back with Dr Silvia when the results come in. I know it’s early days as I’ve only seen her twice, but I think I’ve lucked out with a GP who actually listens to me and also gives good advice. And this was after a heavy morning for her and with appointments backed up, yet she didn’t appear rushed or make me feel like I was being rushed. More news as I get it…