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sonia is back

I don’t remember when I first “met” Sonìa Graupera @graupix on Twitter… it was many, many years ago. Then two years ago (almost to the day) we finally met up in person here in Sevilla and I saw her again when I was in Barcelona last May. So I was happy to hear that she’d be back in Sevilla on a whirlwind trip this week and would have a few hours to meet up for lunch. Which happened today! I’ve said it before but omg I have met some amazing people via social media, and especially Twitter. And meeting them in person has never been a disappointment. I guess because we already know we have things in common. Anyhow, it was a fun and slightly frantic afternoon, but we visited a few tapas bars and talked-talked-talked and then it was time to say hasta la próxima. Nice day.