renoir (20)

Richie, Michael, Juanlu, Frank & Pankaj

Can’t actually remember the first time(s) I met Michael and Frank, the dynamic duo behind Renoir Guides. Quite a few years ago now. And as Michael lives in London and Frank on the Costa del Sol we end up meeting up separately more often than together, either here or there. But this week is different! All the boyz are here, including Pankaj (who I’ve met before) and Richie (first time). And what a kick off we had. Sherry and aperitifs at Manolo Cateca and then lunch at Cañabota. And omg what a lunch it was. The last time I was at Cañabota was for my birthday in 2019 and since then Juanlu and team have garnered their first Michelin star (2021).

Funniest thing was walking into Manolo Cateca to meet the boyz and there was Sam! (of Charlie & Sam). I mean, what were the odds? Not only was he just passing through town but the last time I saw him and Charlie was on my birthday in 2019, just after my last meal at Cañabota when they met me for some celebratory cava. Mind blown.

It was an amazing afternoon, fun catching up and the food was spectacular, every bite was perfection and the wines were gorgeous. Many many thanks to the boyz for taking me out for this unforgettable experience.

Highlights from the superb Cañabota tasting menu below. Tomorrow I’m taking the guys on a Tasting Triana Tour. God help me…

renoir (1)

renoir (2) renoir (3) renoir (4)

renoir (5) - copiaseafood soup, sea anemone croquette, smoked sardine tatin

renoir (6)razor clams, yolk mayo, sherry wine

renoir (7)grouper terrine, mushrooms and truffle

renoir (8)white prawn tartar with sturgeon caviar

renoir (9)hake and leeks

renoir (10)sole, artichoke and seaweed broth

renoir (11)grilled oyster and steamed spinach

renoir (12)sea bass, cauliflower and smoked butter

renoir (13)red prawns and pickled mushrooms

renoir (14)fried grouper

renoir (15)grilled amberjack

renoir (16)

cucumber soup, oyster without oyster

renoir (17)pear, pistachio and sour cream

renoir (18)chocolate, hazelnut and salted caramel