jose andres in spain

This is now streaming on HBO Max and Discovery+. Of course José Andrés has become a legend these past few years not only for being a world class chef but also with his humanitarian work and heading World Central Kitchen. During lockdown he was putting up short videos on social media of him at home cooking with his daughters and they were so charming that when I read about this series about taking his daughters around Spain I was really looking forward to it. And well… I just wish I liked it more. There are six episodes and I’ve watched three (Barcelona, Andalucía and Madrid) and I don’t know. They feel a bit superficial as if they are aimed for an American audience to promote travelling to Spain. I mean, it’s fine. It’s still fun to watch but I didn’t expect to see them ordering sangría (!!!) and extolling the virtues of the Boquería Market (which has become a full-blown tourist attraction). Anyhow, it still has some nice scenery and it’s entertaining. Let’s see how it goes with Valencia, Asturias and Lanzarote.

UPDATE: The final three episodes felt quite different from the first three. Perhaps because I’m less familiar with those locations? Also, some amazing scenery, especially in Asturias and Lanzarote. Overall an enjoyable series.