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I have a lot of pals and acquaintances here, people I’ve known for years whose company I enjoy and it’s always great meeting up with them. We always have a fab time and I look forward to seeing them again. But friends… that’s a whole other thang. My friends who actually know me also know I have a lot of trust issues due to my personal history and they get it when I sometimes say or do something that is confusing or even at times upsetting… it’s part of me, that I can’t always keep all of my feelings inside. These few get it, give me the benefit of the doubt, we talk things over and we’re good to go again. Or (even better!) they just shrug and ignore it knowing I am just having a moment, no biggie, no pasa nada. And even best is when they ask “hey are you okay?” instead of jumping to conclusions, then judge and condemn me, and walk away.

Somewhere in between are these two lovelies, and especially Reyes (centre) whom I’ve known for many years now and who has become someone I actually love and value and we’ve built trust between us. A more recent addition to my inner circle is Mar, and she is also someone I enjoy (and even sometimes confide in). But it’s scary for me, letting people in. So with the “in between” people I am still careful not to say too much, not to… well, to be honest I don’t know. Not to just be me I guess. This is obviously no reflection on them, they are lovely, it’s all on me. Just to say that I appreciate everyone who is a part of my life, and my social circle. I don’t know where I’d be without them.

For example, this photo was taken at Casa Morales. I’d taken Mar there to meet Reyes and we had the best time over a delicious lunch. It was clear we all had a lot in common and especially that we care about a lot of the same things. So I’m looking forward to more good times with these two.