. . . all day long!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been sick like this. And I’m not even sure what it is. Last night my stomach felt a bit queasy just before bed and then today from about 6am – 4pm I had the most incredible lower abdominal cramps and serious ‘dire rear’. It finally eased up around 5 o’clock and for the past couple of hours I’ve been gently wandering around the flat. Too much time in bed tends to made my lower back seize up and I definitely don’t need a bout of sciatica along with aching hand in sling and painful abdomen.

Anyhow, it’s been just an awful day. I can’t remember ever experiencing pain like that before – or at least not for so long. It’s rather ironic that I’d get so sick shortly after starting on a healthier lifestyle thang, but can’t be food related because Nog & I ate the same stuff yesterday and he’s fine.

I’m starting to feel a bit hungry now – it’s almost 8pm and all I’ve had today is water. But I’m kind of afraid to try anything solid at this point. Maybe some chicken soup?

Ah well, tomorrow’s another day . . .