PET: positron emission tomography

What an ordeal! A much more complicated process than with the CT scan, but at least I didn’t have to drink that awful barium sulphate crap. My appointment was at 9.45 – I thought it would be nice to walk through the park that time of day so Nog & I left early to make the 45-minute trek to the hospital. I wasn’t allowed to have any brekky, which didn’t bother me, but I was totally jonesing for a coffee.

As soon as I got to the nuclear medicine department they brought me into the injection room (gaaaa!) and stuck an IV thingy in my hand vein (ouch!) . The guy who did it was actually quite good and only had to do it twice. Then he gave me a serious tranquiliser and muscle relaxant, took a blood sample, hooked up a bottle of saline solution and injected me with some FDG (radioactive isotope). After this he said he had to leave the room as I would be emitting radiation (eep!) and that I was to sit there in my comfy reclining chair for an hour and let the drugs totally relax me.

Then I got put through the PET machine, which is similar to the CT one but it takes longer (about half an hour compared to ten minutes). After that they sent me away to have something to eat and said I’d have to come back an hour and a half later to be put through the machine again. But the second time was faster – about ten minutes.

The Team said they were going to let me know the results by Tuesday, so then I should know whether I’ll be starting chemo on Friday or if I’ll have to have more surgery first … time for some of that medicinal chilled white wine I reckon.