Pilar from The Team (that’s her in the photo link) called me last night just after Nog, nursemyra and I had finished dinner and were taking a walk down by the river.

The PET scan found two malignant lesions in my liver. I’m going to need more surgery.

I guess I’ll find out what my options are when I see the oncologist tomorrow. Pilar says they will probably either operate now and do the chemo later, or do a month or two of chemo and then operate, with more chemo to follow. So I’ll need to find out the pros and cons for both of these options. Since Nog is leaving tomorrow to work in Alicante for a month it might be better to wait and have the surgery done when he gets back, so there is someone here to help out. On the other hand, starting the chemo now and postponing the operation seems like it will just prolong the whole treatment and I sure can’t afford to spend extra time off work. Decisions, decisions . . .

I’m so scared, guys.