Next operation is scheduled for Monday, November 17th.

Eep! … that’s less than a week from today!!!

What can I say – it was a helluva morning …

Pipocas drove me to the hospital and we met up with Pablo, in order to talk with the surgeon and find out what was going on. Turns out the surgeon really didn’t have a clue as he hadn’t seen my CT and PET scans … like, duh! I asked if he could look them up on the computer and he was able to find the CT, which was done a couple of weeks ago, but the PET still hadn’t been written up. So Amazing Nurse Person (I must find out her name, she was also amazing last time I was there) took over and got on the phone to Nuclear Medicine, saying they needed to give my surgeon an oral account of my PET scan results ASAP.

While waiting we went over to THE LAB to get a blood test done and I very scarily ended up with a woman who seriously had her head up her arse. I told her straight off that I had very hard-to-find veins and she said it was all a question of LUCK. Like … WTF? Then she strapped on the tournequet and had me flex my fingers and whatnot and THEN (are you ready?) she asked me … “is that a vein or a tendon? what do you think?”.  I smiled at her through my terror and said …”hey, why don’t we ask someone else?” … and she took me to the nurse at the next table who got the job done.

After that P&P took me to the cafeteria for some much needed coffee and toast (it was almost noon and I had gone to the hospital without having had any brekky, knowing I needed to get the blood test done) and then we went back to see if the surgeon had heard back from Nuclear Medicine.  And we were told that – hey! – I was going to have surgery, and that everything would be decided FOR SURE tomorrow during the next clinical session with Surgery, Oncology and Nuclear Medicine.  And I was promised that I would be called tomorrow with a date for my surgery.

So then I asked the surgeon if I should cancel the oncology appointment I had for tomorrow, since it had been made a month ago and it was all about deciding my next chemo after the CT and PET scans … and it was so annoying! The doctor wouldn’t say if going there would be a waste of time or not. Even though I started to cry and told the doctor that I didn’t want to talk to the oncologists if I didn’t really have to.  So fine! P&P and I went off to find Ricardo, who was in a meeting but was able to see us shortly afterwards.  He showed us into his office, asked us to sit down and basically put all our minds at rest.

Ricardo said that there would be further surgery, probably sometime next week, and that this was a positive thing, especially as the peritoneal biopsy came back negative twice and the liver tumours had ‘disappeared’.  Though there are two peritoneal lesions near the pancreas that will need to be removed as well as the ‘clean up’ in the liver. And as the clinical session was scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8 am, he said I should get confirmation about the surgery after that. And he also said that my oncology appointment for tomorrow would not be necessary. Whew!

After all that, Pablo went off to work and Pipocas invited me out for lunch … and we didn’t end up at either of the places we’d suggested but at a totally new place for both of us, called Oporto.  Check it out…




bacon-wrapped langostines
aubergine stuffed with seafood & alioli


grilled black pudding with rice
spicy chorizo (chistorros) with raspberry/mustard sauce


brochette of spicy pork tenderloin

During lunch I got the phone call from Dr Luís, confirming that next Monday, November 17th was the surgery day … and we ordered another round of vino.  Damn! I’m going to be sooooo scared next Sunday evening…