xelodaPossible side effects

Xeloda (aka capecitabine) is the oral chemo I take during the two weeks following my 2 1/2 hour chemo infusions (capecitabine plus oxaliplatin) at the hospital. Taken in the morning and in the evening. I have my iPhone set to remind me at 10am and 10pm to take my pills. And I really really really hate this stuff. I mean, check out the possible side effects. BUT, as long as I can handle it I’m going to continue. I’ve heard that the symptoms get worse as you go – last summer I just had three sessions so I didn’t get to the breaking point some people I know have reached.  And who knows, maybe I won’t because everyone responds differently to meds. But I gag every time I have to swallow these fuckers because I know they are doing terrible things to me. Let’s just hope they are also doing terrible things to the cancer cells so that going through all this ends up being worth it.

Round three of chemo today. Bleh.