I saw my oncologist yesterday and got the low-down on my situation.  Well, sort of. Which is that I am on “wait and watch” until the next CT scan. I have another appointment with the onc in November … and that’s all I know. Oh, except that I have a hernia from one of my previous ops and might have to have another operation for that (??!). Seriously, I was just told this like it was nothing and was asked  – “You mean the surgeons never rescheduled with you after your last appointment?” (in January).  And no, they hadn’t. And then the onc suddenly told me I had to lose weight because of the hernia. Like duh. She never once mentioned this was important in terms of having cancer, which I believe it is. So I told her I was on the case, going to the gym every day and changing my diet …

But it was not a pleasant encounter. After waiting two hours I felt like she wasn’t even paying attention to me. Since my CT scan had come back clean it was like there was nothing else to say. I did ask her how – if at all – she thought this changed my original prognosis (50/50 chance of living for five years) and she said the prognosis hadn’t changed at all. It was just that I was doing better than average for the moment and that I should feel happy about that. Nice, huh?

For the neuropathy, I was given a prescription for some vitamin B6 pills.  I was also given a referral to the pain clinic in case the awful pain I’ve been having in my right shoulder and arm these past few weeks is connected to the port. Which I got flushed out while I was there yesterday, though they made me wait and wait and wait.

Bottom line? I have no idea how to feel. Yes, I will be working on losing weight, getting fit, eating all those antioxidants, blah, blah, blah… but why the hell can’t doctors talk to me like I’m more than just a bunch of symptoms?

Got home and remembered the appointment for a mammogram that had been sent to me in the mail a few weeks ago. Kind of cool, part of a breast cancer early detection government programme. They send out notices to women of a certain age that an appointment has been set up for them, and mine is for today. I had meant to ask my onc if a mammogram was necessary for me considering all the CT and PET scans I’ve had over the past year and a half, but what the hell. If I end up getting breast cancer I don’t ever want to wonder if it might have been nipped in the bud by a proper check-up, like if I’d had a colonoscopy when it was suggested to me after a bad case of gastroenteritis – a year before my emergency op.

Hope I’ll still be able to make the 11.00 pilates class…

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