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What a week it’s been! I got back from my holiday in Málaga on Sunday evening and was quite looking forward to a tapas tour that had been booked for the next evening. Little did I know that Simon, Clare and Joe were about to become good friends. The tour started off pleasantly and we were all having such a good time by the time it finished that we ended up at my favourite rooftop bar having a few drinks …

In fact, we closed the joint and I got home around 2am, feeling more than a little happy. The next day I dropped off some more info at the gang’s hotel, and on Wednesday (yesterday)  I had plans to meet up with Jessica for a tapa as she is back in town this week. Meanwhile, I’d received a message from Joe inviting me to join them for rooftop drinks once again later in the evening (their last night in Sevilla), and Jessica was invited too, so I told Nog he should also join us after he finished work at 10 o’clock.

At the last minute Jessica and I decided that, instead of tapas, we would go to Bizzy’s fabulous L’Oca Giuliva (across the street from my house) and when we walked in there were Simon, Clare and Joe! So we all moved to a bigger table and started ordering food. At 10 o’clock we were nowhere near finished, so I called Nog and he joined us at the restaurant. You know how it feels when you are with people and you feel you’ve always known them? Well, that’s how it was.

During the meal I mentioned to the gang that I might actually be in London soon. Yep, that’s right. I’d received an email yesterday afternoon inviting me to a meeting in London on September 23rd for all the newly contracted Experts (my newest job!). At first I thought no way, especially after having just spent a week in Málaga. But later I wondered if it would look bad if I didn’t show up and, more importantly, if I would actually learn some stuff that would help me with the job. And so I looked online and saw I could get a return flight for 150 euros and decided I should go for it.

And so, I mentioned this at dinner and was immediately offered a place to stay – in fact, I was given the choice of either staying with Simon or with Clare & Joe – and I almost started to cry. I mean, just a couple of days ago these guys were my clients and suddenly they were offering me a bed in their homes … you know? And so, it looks like I’ll be going to London! Still have to book my flight – will do that after I get home from the gym this morning. Maybe by then this will all start feeling more real because a part of me still can’t believe this is happening. In fact, I’m feeling so darn lucky and happy that it’s almost scary.

That collage has pics from both the tapas tour evening and last night.
Looks like fun, doesn’t it?

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