Had a lovely Sunday in Bristol with Lizzie. We got up quite late and then enjoyed some coffee before heading out to The Maul and M&S where I stocked up on the basics. Then we took a nice car tour through town and I got to see my old hood and lots of familiar places, and ended up at the waterfront to have lunch and – I was assured – the very best chips in Bristol, at the River Station. And they truly were amazing. Later on we took a walk over to the Avon Gorge Hotel hoping to see the sun set behind the Clifton Bridge, but clouds rolled in and so we headed home for cava and snacks.

This morning I am off to pick up a prezzie for Nog and to visit Lizzie’s Folk House Cafe (can’t wait!), before packing up and getting on the train to Paddington, and then making my way to Heathrow to fly home again. I’ve had a wonderful time –  especially meeting with friends old and new – and I hope you’ve enjoyed me sharing my trip with you.