Unlike when I posted this, it is now mid-month and definitely getting Novembery out there. Think it’s finally time to put away (well, throw away) the sandals and get a pair of winter shoes. Have actually worn my old red shoes a couple of times this month already, but as you can see, RAIN is coming, so I’ll need a some non-leaky ones soon. Have also been tempted a couple of times to switch on the space heaters in the living room but have so far opted for an extra sweater.

I’m kind of looking forward to winter now. I’ve noticed that they’ve almost finished putting up the Christmas lights around town, and will probably switch those on at the end of the month. Used to be they didn’t turn them on until December 8th – día de la Inmaculada – but last year they bumped it up a couple of weeks.

For my part, I’ve finally got my clothes sorted and have put all the summery ones away. Have noticed I could use some warm pj’s and a new sweater or two, but otherwise should have enough winter wear to get me through until it’s time to look for new sandals in February. As always, when I think of the future, it’s with a bit of apprehension (will I be on chemo in February? Will I be okay?) and as I get closer to the next PET scan I’m sure the “scanxiety” will reappear. But for now just looking forward to Christmas and my birthday and hope to make lots of happy memories as I go…