It’s been ages since I’ve had to go to IKEA and it was interesting to note that the old love/hate thing is still alive. I mean, it’s a fun place to spend an hour or so wandering around for this or that, but the problem is that – not having a car – it means taking a long bus ride out to the ‘burbs and so it’s impossible to get there and back again without spending at least half a day, including lots of walking.

I had a list. There were two things I didn’t want to return without – some sort of shelf unit for the bathroom and a bed for the small bedroom. And well, I finally found the shelf unit, but the beds there seemed very expensive, so I dropped that idea knowing that I could find something better and cheaper in the calle Feria.

But, as usual, found some other things that the new casa az needed. Or at least is nicer having. Two bookcases for the very long hallway “cat airlock” that is the entrance, a kitchen step-stool (I can’t reach the top shelves in the cupboards) and the famous IKEA chair that probably everybody has owned at one time or another. I haven’t until now, but this should make Jessica laugh as when she was here for dinner last week she said she was sure I had one of those chairs. Well, I do now and it’ll be perfect for the upstairs room – either for reading or hanging out and watching a dvd. And of course had to get a RED one because everything else here is so white.

Other items bought: a flamenco shower curtain, some kitchen stuff, gauzy cotton curtains for my bedroom, and a couple packets of very crispy sour cream & onion crisps. Nog and I also had a gawd-awful snack while we were there. I could just about manage the prawn croquette so it was up to Nog to eat the rest. And then came the really fun part. Taking the list of stuff down to the warehouse, getting one of those huge trolleys, and trying to find everything. And then waiting in a queue for an eternity or two. I needed to get the big heavy stuff delivered and once again wondered about their curious pricing policy, based on how much you spend. It turned out that if the chair cushion was included in the delivery it would cost 28 euros instead of 13 euros (!!) so while Nog lugged home the sundry kitchen & bathroom stuff  in a massive paper bag I carried the big red cushion for the chair, all the while thinking “I’m saving 15 euros!” and feeling a bit sad that 15 euros made such a difference in my life.

Meanwhile, it got up to 31º in the centre of town this afternoon so after getting off the bus we stopped for a nice cold beer – first time sitting outside on a sunny terrace this year! And finally got home with my ankle aching and my feet throbbing… and now awaiting the delivery. I think they’re lost.