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It began as what I hoped was going to become a normal morning at casa az, with me sitting up in bed with my new iPad, catching up on this and that. The cats had been fed, Peter had gone off to work and I was feeling good. So when Azar came back to bed after a second light brekky and a long drink I snuggled up with him and all felt right with the world, right up until he suddenly hurled all over my clean sheets, partially digested cat biscuits and a LOT of liquid spewed everywhere.

This led not only to getting up very abruptly but also to doing three loads of washing (even the mattress protector had been soaked through!). Luckily it’s been one of those bright sunny spring days with a brisk dry breeze. And so then, possibly in a fit of laundry madness, I decided I would also wash the cover of the red IKEA chair I bought last year. You know, now that I have the iPad and am reorganising my upstairs room, I suddenly had a vision of me comfortably sitting up there working on the iPad and looking out over the terraza…

Have any of you ever washed IKEA furniture covers? It took forever to get the damn things off (also washed the one on the footstool thingy), had to roll and tug the material off the clingy spongy cushion inside. And now that they are upstairs drying on the line – and looking considerably smaller! – I am having serious doubts about ever getting the cushions back inside them. I know, such a vexing life I lead. But I also went to the gym and got lots of social media work done.

What did you do today?