Latest ideas for promoting my Sevilla Tapas Tours include offering gift vouchers and a new Gourmet Tapas Tour.

I’m actually quite excited about both of these ideas because they open up more tour possibilities. I mean, imagine that you are coming to Sevilla for a birthday or special holiday and you find out that someone has given you a fab evening out as a present!

I’ve also done a couple of the Gourmet Tapas Tours, though they just kind of spontaneously happened when clients decided they wanted to splash out and not stay within the usual tour budget.

But I think offering a special tour where we would go to some of the more unique (and expensive!) tapas bars would be of particular interest to Serious Foodies, as well as being fun for me. I especially like the idea of taking people to out-of-the way places they wouldn’t have discovered on their own. Now to get busy promoting…

A special 4-hour Gourmet Tapas Tour for those who want it all.