So okay, my closet will never look this organised, and goodness knows I don’t have a tidy mind, but I have spent most of today reorganising my house and my life.

This past week Nog has been over at Anna’s cat sitting. He was supposed to have been there all month, but because I had to go to Málaga and all that he didn’t go over until last week before Jessica arrived (though he did visit the cats regularly while he was still here). Anyhow, I had a lovely week with Jessica, just the two of us hanging out. Even though I was sick most of the time it was very relaxing. And I started thinking about how I wanted things to be different around here.

Today Jessica officially “moved out” (though she and Thomas will be here for a visit next month) and I decided to move Nog’s stuff into her old room, thereby freeing up one of my bedroom closets. As Nog has been sleeping on the sofa bed and didn’t have a room of his own he’s been keeping his stuff in mine. And the act of sorting and organising all this stuff had helped clear my mind about a lot of things, just like this past week’s illness cleansed me physically.

I’ve often said how September always feels more like the “new year” to me than the first of January, and it has never felt more so than this year. You’ve probably guessed that Nog will be moving back in next month. He really wants to stay and I’ve decided that (for now) I’m better off with the devil I know, so that will be a month to month deal. And it looks like work is starting to pick up for me. I’ve already got six tapas tours booked for September and two possible new social media clients to finish wooing next month.

And the best thing is… I’m really feeling good. About my work, about the future and – wait for it – about me! I can’t remember the last time I felt so much like myself and liked who that was. I just had to write that down in case I forget it.