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The last time I went to Málaga was in August for the Botani vendimia tour. Since then I think I’ve only seen Victoria twice, not really often enough as we still have to finish off a few projects as well as keep the blog and website updated properly. So, as Victoria had no plans to come to Sevilla again soon, and I didn’t have any Sevilla Tapas Tours booked until Thursday evening, this week seemed a good time to make some time to get together.

And so, after a quick phone call yesterday to confirm our Wednesday meeting I went out to buy my tickets and will be leaving for Málaga bright and early this morning on the 7.30 am train! Aargh. I prefer taking the 11 am train, which gets me into town at 2.30, but that means having to wait around, with luggage, until the porter at Manolo’s building gets back from his lunch break – at 5 o’clock – so he can let me in to the apartment.  This way I’ll get there around 10.30 and will have a whole day in Málaga on my own, which will be nice. The plan is to come back on Thursday afternoon, arriving just in time for a Gourmet Tapas Tour.

Quite like this mixing business with pleasure thing!