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So remember when I said I had a new project underway? Well, this isn’t it. This one just happened today! And quite unexpectedly. After being out and about doing some research this morning I have come up with a fabulous way of offering my Sevilla Tapas Tour guests a couple of different options if they’d like to include a bit of authentic flamenco in their visit.

This has always been somewhat of a dilemma for me since of course most “flamenco shows” are designed for tourists. Locals who love flamenco tend to go to “peñas” which are like private clubs, so visitors aren’t usually welcome. Also, I think most visitors would find a peña a bit intimidating.

And so I am now working on two options: a flamenco and tapas tour, and a private lunchtime flamenco show with tapas brought in from a nearby bar. I think both of these options are going to really appeal to my clients, because they really appeal to me! Stay tuned…