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Shortly after Azar died there was a knock on the door and a delivery man handed me a package from Amazon. This isn’t a particularly unusual occurrence here at casa az, except that in this instance I hadn’t actually ordered anything from Amazon. Turned out it was a prezzy from the lovely Deb. She’d seen this book on my wish list and sent it along, saying how reading can sometimes be a good escape from life, and that she hoped the book would help.

And well, I only opened it today! I suddenly found myself with an hour to kill before a tapas tour and was good and tired of sitting in front of the computer. And then I remembered my book! I have to say the whole process was wonderful. Opening a fresh new book (when was the last time I did that?) and turning to Page One. And then laughing out loud before I even got halfway down the page – good ol’ Bill Bryson. I hope this means I am going to go back to reading Real Books again. I remember when I used to read a book a week…

Thanks again Deb. It was a lovely gesture and a perfect gift.