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1-sinuses-001Had an appointment with the ear-nose-throat specialist this morning. It was mostly just the usual going over until the doc put a tube with a light on the end up my nose and shoved it around my various facial cavities. Not painful exactly but not particularly comfortable. And so I apparently have a very serious sinusitis that the last two courses of antibiotics did nothing to erradicate. Sounds like this new stuff I was given is a bit more potent…

  • Treats infections that are caused by certain kinds of bacteria. Also used to treat and prevent anthrax infection after exposure. Also used to treat and prevent plague.

Plague? Anthrax infection? Sheesh. I got a little freaked out about taking this as the doctor asked me more than once if I was allergic to this particular antibiotic to which my reply was – I don’t know! Then I read about all the possible side-effects – never a good thing to do. I was also given some steroid nose spray to use nightly FOR A MONTH. You should see the possible side-effects for that stuff. Not looking forward to this, but also can’t stand having blocked ears anymore. Sure hope this works.

And how are you guys doing?