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malaga hotel soho

After getting home from my fabulous Granada Getaway I had a quick look at the calendar and realised that if I was going to see the fabulous Christmas lights in calle Larios (Málaga) then it was this weekend or nothing. So I got in touch with brand new boutique Hotel Soho Málaga and they had a room for me so, done deal. It’s a charming place, just 24 rooms, in a great central location. All the rooms are decorated with a large sepia mural of a typical Málaga scene. Well. I walked into my lovely room and almost had a panic attack on the spot when my arch nemesis, the gaping maw that connects Plaza Merced to the beach, was portrayed there (thankfully smaller than life). Seriously. In all the years I’ve been going to Málaga this tunnel is the one thing I always try to avoid and I could not believe that the stuff nightmares are made of was looming just above my headboard. Otherwise and that … a very nice hotel! Look for a full review coming up on Azahar Travels.