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mas kipling
Someone stop me! I’ve just bought more luggage. Well, the summer sales have just kicked in and so, well, why not eh? But seriously, after this I am all luggaged up. Anyhow, remember when I splashed out on that fab Kipling dufflebag for my London trip in May? Well, this is the smaller non-duffle carry-on version, but in purple. I almost went for the same colour as the duffle, but then thought matching luggage was going a bit too far. Except that I also bought this matching overnight case that slips onto the suitcase handle…

Anna @annalibera is going to scoff because she had actually convinced me that the little case was too expensive and not worth it. But then I realised it could actually double as a handbag if I am going somewhere for the day and wanted to carry some extra stuff with me… AND it was 30% off!  Yeah, yeah… I know. Stopping now.