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wlt trainingI have to say that loving my job has taken on a whole other dimension since I began We Love Tapas last year. Which is that I now get to love other people’s jobs as well! This week I took Team Sevilla out on a couple of training sessions so they could also start doing our fabulous Oldest Taverns Tour. Previously only Peter was doing this tour, but it made sense to have more guide options, especially as it’s becoming very popular. As always, the owners and staff at our bars were keen to make us feel at home, and also to spend time telling the team all kinds of anecdotes along with the history of each bar. I mean, I could do that! But it’s even better when the team gets to hear all this from the people who have lived that history (or at least some of it). And each time I learn something new as well. Best job in the world. And best team ever!  🙂