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breakfast of champions

I’ve popped into the wonderfully cluttered La Recova many times but this was the first time I stopped in to eat. According to Victor @welovemalaga they serve an amazing breakfast so we chose to go there for our regular Tuesday morning We Love Tapas @welovetapastour meeting. We usually do this by Skype, so it was great to actually meet up in person and, well, have this amazing breakfast.

For a whopping 2.20€ you get coffee or tea, a thick slice of toasted country bread, and a whole whack of toppings: olive oil, butter, fresh tomatoes, peach jam, banana spread, sobrasada, two zurrapas (chicharrones and pork loin & pimentón) and paté. All served with a smile. We’re doing more breakfast research this week, but this one is going to be hard to beat.

la recova