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joJo eating whole fried quail.

So you may remember my friends Jo & Mark? Yes, more friends that I met thanks to Twitter (@missbishopsgate @inkjocky). They also very kindly let me stay at their London home in May while I was there and they were away. Anyhoo… Jo was in town last weekend and we spent a fab day out in Triana, having lunch and mucho vino. As you can see below she even got into an impromptu bit of flamenco dancing at one of our stops. Which is also the reason she was here – on her way to Jerez to spend a week studying flamenco. At some point we decided it would be fun if I popped over to Jerez for lunch one day while she’s there, which led me to invite Eva (the flamenco connection), which has since morphed into a last minute Jerez Getaway with Eva and me staying over tonight.

Mixing business with pleasure (as always) I also arranged to finally see the famous Andalusian Dancing Horses and Peter will be coming with me to see that – research! We’ll have to leave early to get there in time to see the museum (I’ve been offered a tour) and then the show starts at noon. After that Eva will arrive and we’ll meet up at our hotel, then meet Jo for lunch after her class. I’m a bit nervous because my lunch with Jo on Saturday ended up being almost 9 hours long, and my first lunch with Eva last week was only slightly shorter. Wish me luck! Off to catch the train now…

Jo @missbishopsgate getting into it… @inkjockey

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