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amador (2)

It was almost two years ago that my pal Antonio Carrasco, who I met while he was working at La Azotea in Sevilla, told me he was moving to Málaga to start a new job at Restaurante Amador, which belongs to the the splendid hotel Villa Guadalupe. And he said once he was settled in I HAD to come and see him at the restaurant. And I said – hey great! – because of course I am ALWAYS in Málaga so of course we’d be seeing each other again very soon. Ahem…

amador (1)So this visit I was determined to finally visit the restaurant and, as Victor had already been up to see the place, and had also met Antonio, we decided to make a date and go together. You see, part of the reason I hadn’t gone earlier is that Villa Guadalupe is located up on a mountain way the heck out of the centre of town, so you do need a car to get there. But let me tell you right now… it’s worth it.

I mean, obviously it’s a “special occasion” type of place, though the prices aren’t prohibitive. The food, the wines, the view… all make for a superb night out. Antonio had come up with a personalised tasting menu for us, including some smaller versions of dishes on the regular menu and one spectacular special of the day. I’ll be writing a proper review over on Azahar Tapas soon, but I think you get the idea from the photos.

amador (3)

Here are Victor and Antonio – bless Antonio’s heart that he got in a bottle of Botani just for me as it’s not on their wine list. He also recommended a couple of other wines to pair with certain dishes, which were simply perfect. It was a fabulous evening and the only “downer” was that I had had my heart set on getting down to the beach to see the bonfires of San Juan, but after the Antequera Adventure ealier that day, and this amazing meal at Amador, there was simply no energy left. Instead we watched the midnight fireworks from our privileged viewing spot overlooking the city and harbour and enjoyed a nightcap before heading home. Thank you Antonio! xx