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beerI’m here! Arrived in Málaga at midday, caught a taxi to Thane’s place and, after dropping off my bags, headed over to the central market for a light seafood lunch (by this time it was 3 pm!). Then I did a bit of supermarket shopping (water, coffee, juice, paper products, stuff like that) and went back to the apartment to properly unpack and set up the laptop.


This trip I brought Sterling instead of Anchoa because I have a lot of work to do this week and all my photos, files, etc are on the bigger laptop. One of the perks of travelling by train is not having to worry about baggage weight, because my suitcase weighed a TON.


After that I just did a bit of wandering before heading back home for an early night. Today was all about just settling in. Tomorrow I’ll start with the usual Málaga friend frenzy…