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vipThe latest Málaga Getaway got off to an amazing start yesterday when I walked out of the train station and saw the amazing Victor waiting for me outside with his trusty steed Rocinante, ready to whisk me away – top down of course – to the fabulous Casa de los Principes (my new nickname for Thane & Bob Prince’s Málaga apartment). After that we had a quick snack at Atarazanas market and I went off to do a bit of shopping and unpack.

I didn’t realise until I got here how much I really need a break, even just these few days. A “real holiday” probably would have felt too stressful, but here in Málaga I feel at home and things feel both familiar and different. Have really missed the sea air! Anyhow, heading out now for lunch with Victor and Andrew, so gotta run! xx

vip 2Casa de los Principes