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So this ALMOST happened. Given the forecast of a crazy-rainy weekend I made plans to do some extra stay-at-home activities, including finally trying my hand at making the famous Eslava honey pork ribs. Everything was ready, meat prepped, sauce ready to go, and then I turned on the oven and – BANG – all the lights went out. Damn. This is something I thought had been fixed when I got a new cooker last month and my new/old oven was installed here. But apparently not.

A quick call to my landlord met with a quick response, and things should be sorted out on Monday. Meanwhile, the ribs have been put in the freezer and the sauce should hold up in the fridge for a few days. I am so looking forward to having a fully functioning kitchen again. I’m also going to set up my small balcony herb garden. Just in time for spring…