So I picked up my latest CT scan results yesterday and it was the clearest of “all clears” I’ve had in a few years. Not sure what this means yet as I still have to see the oncologist. But it looks like maybe I won’t need to be tested again for awhile. The scary fistula leaking gack into my abdomen seems to have healed on its own and there is no evidence of any metastasis in lungs or abdomen. Okay, my cholesterol is still higher than it should be and my liver is a bit fatty (like the rest of me) but these don’t seem to be immediately life-threatening. Unless I get Covid of course, then I’m a goner.

Meanwhile I can’t help but think that after more than 12 years of radioactive substances being either beamed or injected into my system on a regular basis I should at least get a superpower out of this.

If you could have a superpower what would it be?