I once again share this classic video called Modulo 036. Why? Because today I was totally blind-sided by fucking Modulo 600. I should have seen it coming. Why? Because things were going WAY TOO SMOOTHLY. Here’s what happened. I very erroneously (also very expensively) started up a limited company (SL) here in 2005, when I set up my first (and last) online shop in order to sell my first (and last) line of lovely linen clothing designed by me. I found out much later and too late that I could have just run the company as a self-employed person, not an entity. Whatevs. I decided to just put it behind me and forget about it. Turned out that was a mistake.

A few years later, after miraculously recovering from stage 4 colon cancer, I started my life over again, with my Sevilla Tapas Tours. This time I hired an accountant to take care of my paperwork and one day she discovered that I was being fined 400 euros by the tax dept for not filing yearly reports on my dead in the water SL. After paying the damn fine I was going to dissolve this evil beast right then and there but my accountant said it was okay, she would file once a year with a negative balance and I could keep it open just in case I needed it in future, saving me from paying once again to have it dissolved. And so that went on and on and on until Covid and not working and finally I just didn’t want to have this extra thing hanging over me any more.

So I found a notary to do the deed, he set up all the papers, blah blah, which COST A LOT but I thought, you know, it was like tearing off a very expensive bandaid… once it was over it wouldn’t hurt any more. I picked up all my stuff at the notary on Wednesday and said… is this it? Why no, he said, you have to go and hand these documents into the Registro Mercantil (where all this hell first began) and I said okay. That’s it? Do I have to make an appointment? Just walk in? Notary Guy said, I think you can just walk in. Okay. I paid them and left.

Today I walked over to the Registro Mercantil (it’s not close), with all my stuff, had to wait about half an hour in the queue but fine. It was soon going to be all over. UNTIL Mercantil Guy says… where’s Modulo 600? And I could feel my gut sinking. Oh, I said, I’m sure it must be in here somewhere, as I feebly rifled through every paper I had from files dating back to 2005. Of course I didn’t have a fucking Modulo 600. Then Mercantil Guy said that Notary Guy should have given me one and I saw red.

Right there in the office I sent an email to Notary Guy saying WHY DIDN’T YOU GIVE ME A MODULO 600??? His reply? Omg. He actually said “you didn’t ask me for one”. I am still reeling from this. And he still hasn’t replied to my second somewhat more scathing email. Meanwhile, Peter and I went for some conciliatory pisco sours and when I got home I saw that I’d clocked 9,950 steps. So not a total waste of MY TIME AND MY LIFE. How’s your Friday going?

pisco sours