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mission accomplished

The deed is done. Or undone. WHATEVS. The most important thing is that I never have to think about this ever again. It was exactly two weeks ago when I went to the Registro Mercantil with my recently stamped and paid for deed from the notary, dissolving once and for all the never-needed limited company that I set up in 2005. You’d think that after having forked out 200€ to the notary he would have told me that my deed was useless unless I had the all important MODULO 600, but no. And thus commenced a rather unpleasant week-long email war with this fucker. Apparently he hadn’t given me a Modulo 600 because I hadn’t asked for one (don’t.get.me.started) and then said it could be done as an extra service for 50€. Well fuck that shit.

I got back in touch with my lovely “gestora” Sandra, who has looked after my taxes and other bits and bobs for the past few years, and she sent me a link to the one-page Modulo 600 which could be filled out online in about ten minutes if you knew what you were doing. Me? No. I just looked at it and my brain went numb and I wanted to cry. So Sandra said, not to worry, she would do it for me. Bless her. She’s been helping me out with a few things since lockdown. Obviously no real accounting since there has been no work, but just taking care of some things such as filing year end forms saying there was nothing to declare, including with the stupid limited company. While she was preparing the Modulo 600 she informed me that I had to pay a 30€ tax, but so as to not hold things up she had paid it herself. Oh, and it turned out I only had 30 days from the day the Dissolution Deed was signed to present the papers to the Registro Mercantil. Did my shitbag notary tell me that? Did he fuck. It was Sandra who filled me in on everything I needed to know. So when she gave me her bank account number so I could pay back the 30€ tax (whenever you can Shawn) I added on the 50€ that the slapdash notary would have charged me. And she was so happy, saying she wasn’t going to charge me, and so we both felt good about that.

I walked into the Registro Mercantil with copies of EVERYTHING and handed over the documents. Five minutes (and another 200 euros!) later, I walked away a free woman. Apparently I will receive an email in a week or so confirming that this is indeed all behind me. And so to celebrate… well of course, we went out for pisco sours!

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