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tarjeta dorada

So this was unexpected. I’ve been tentatively planning my upcoming trip to Barcelona (more on that later!) when I realised if I didn’t book my AVE (fast train) tickets then I may not get the times I wanted. And then just as I was about to hit the PAY button I saw an option to put in my Tarjeta Dorada number. Which I didn’t have. So I did a quick google and it turns out that over-60’s can get this card, which costs 6€ and is good for a year, and then get all kinds of discounts, depending on the train, time of day, etc. So yay, I just saved 50 euros on my train tickets (well, minus the 6€ fee). And yes, I’m going to Barcelona! It’s a work-related thing, and I’m really nervous about such a long trip, but fingers crossed I will return home unscathed by Covid.