oil sprayer

The Stormcooker™️ came with a little rack and 5 skewers and, although there are a whack of accessories out there that you can buy for air fryers, this seemed sufficient. Until I realised how handy it would be to be able to SPRAY OIL on various food items (especially as so many recipes say “spray with oil…”). So I had a look on amazon and there were so many kinds of oil sprayers it made me dizzy. Eventually I found this one in a shop around the corner from me and I liked that it also doubled as a cruet. AND it’s cute! However, although it sprayed water just fine (while I was washing it) it actually squirts out oil in a hard stream. Not exactly the effect I was hoping for. Maybe it’s because I’m using olive oil? Perhaps a lighter oil would spray? On the other hand, those promo pics definitely show OLIVES next to the sprayer. Whatevs.