lemony sunrise

Had to get up at stupid o’clock for blood tests (had booked an 8.15 appointment at my health centre without thinking, duh). Anyhow, was out and about trying to find a positive slant on having to be out and about at that hour and then saw this lovely lemony sunrise and thought, yep, that’ll do. 🙂

Should have actually done this back in June after my last CT scan but when I saw the results were normal(ish) I reckoned there was no rush. This is one good new thing, that I can get my test results online now and don’t have to wait to see the oncologist. Then I get the blood tests done and, once those results are in, I send an email to the oncology department requesting a follow-up appointment. The last couple of times they have been phone appointments, which is fine by me. So unless I’ve missed something scary in my scan results, or there’s something dodgy with the blood tests, it will probably carry on like before with another CT scan six months from the last one. We shall see.