jason dana andrew

Back in 2013 Jason from Austin Texas joined one of my tapas tours as a solo traveller and had a wonderful time. Then I got an email from him this spring saying “it’s your friend Jason!” telling me he was coming back to Sevilla with his daughter and son-in-law and we started planning a private tapas tour for them, which happened last night. It was a lovely evening and, as they are still here for a few days, I am sure I will be hearing back from them. Love when this happens, seeing people again and knowing they enjoyed their time with me so much they want to meet up again.

An aside, just to make the evening even more special, on my way home two young guys zipped past me on electric scooters and suddenly one yelled out “Viva Sevilla Tapas!”. I didn’t even see their faces, but I assume they were waiters heading home after a bar shift. Anyhow, made me smile.